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Easier but Not Worth it

I have been reading “Nothing to Prove” by Jennie Allen and it has spoken directly to that ache of “not-enoughness” that I have felt for way too long.    I think that we all feel this way to some degree, but women are especially prone to it. Past the constant pressures that society put on us, we also get it from our family, friends and co-workers.    In the internet obsessed world we live in, our lives are so busy and jam packed that we crave time to do “nothing”. We justify looking at our phone to “relax” for 5 minutes when it sucks us in and it becomes 30 or more. We are looking for something to distract us,...

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Always Remember You are Loved

Recently, I was reminded of some issues and insecurities that I have struggled with for years. It is not like I just discovered them for the first time, but they became much more noticeable and moved to the front of my brain. I learned somewhere along the line in my life that I never felt good enough. I took criticism to personally and felt that anytime something was pointed out about me, it was "wrong". Equaling that I was never enough. Never what someone else wanted me to beNever completed a task the way something else thought I shouldNever measured up to the expectations that my parents put on meNever looked the way someone wanted me to lookAs time went on, I...

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